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    "Yuriko" is a Mail Application and you can send e-mails with very cute and useful "EMOJI"(emoticons) with this application. It sends emoticons in HTML format, so users in...

    Hersteller: Feynman Co., Ltd

    Größe: 0.75 MB

    Version: 1.4

Yuriko Berichte:

  • Nanao253
    am 06.02.2009

    It's a great tool for emoji lovers. Unfortunatelly it crushes quite often and so the written mails are gone. Also it doesn't allow umlauts. Hope those topics can be fixed in the next version.

Yuriko Informationen:


Yuriko ist ab 4+ Jahren geeignet.

Yuriko enthält kein anstößiges Material.



Kompatibel mit iPhone und iPod touch Erfordert iPhone OS 2.2.1 oder neuer


Englisch, Japanisch

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