Spaßprogramme und Fun-Apps sind in der Kategorie Unterhaltung im App Store in bester Gesellschaft. Wer Murphys Gesetze nachschlagen möchte oder andere mit Scary Apps erschecken, wer die alte Wählscheibe vermisst oder den Grad seiner und anderer Leute Dummheit messen mag, wird von den Entwicklern nicht enttäuscht. KINO.DE bietet Charts, Trailer, Neustarts der Woche und vieles mehr. Ein Bier, ausgießen ohne es zu trinken, geht mit iBier. Bei Furzkissen- und Klingelton-Apps macht das Angebot nicht Stopp, sondern zaubert die alte Wählscheibe zurück aufs Display oder das das Fernsehprogramm, das man sonst vielleicht in einer Zeitschrift nachgesehen hätte. Und Star Wars-Fans dürfen natürlich mit dem Lichtschwert fuchteln.

  • Fright

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    On the wrong end of a practical joke? Tease back, but let Fright do the work for you. Simply select one of the short videos filmed exclusively for Fright and show it to a...

    Hersteller: TapeShow

    Größe: 4.13 MB

    Version: 1.0

    0,79 €
  • FractalTouch

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    ** Seasonal bargain - half price until 5th January 2009 *** Explore the beauty of fractals with FractalTouch - the unique fractal explorer for your iPhone or iPod Touch....

    Hersteller: WildPalm Ltd.

    Größe: 0.1 MB

    Version: 1.1

  • DieRoller

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    DieRoller is a simple polyhedral die rolling application. Choose from 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, and 100 sides, and anywhere from 1-10 dice. DieRoller will show you the total...

    Hersteller: Derek Jones

    Größe: 0.02 MB

    Version: 1.11

    0,79 €
  • Encore!

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    It’s the end of the concert, and you need to hear just one more song… Nothing motivates a performer at the end of a long set to belt out another song more than seeing an...

    Hersteller: Mobile Logic, Inc.

    Größe: 0.85 MB

    Version: 1.1

    0,79 €
  • SpaceBlaster

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    Impress your friends with the amazing sound effects of your SpaceBlaster. With 50s Sci-Fi special effects, rockets, machine gun effects and futuristic energy weapon effects,...

    Hersteller: xyster.net

    Größe: 1.82 MB

    Version: 1.2

  • iFlip the Coin

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    iFlip the Coin

    Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make a decision, and you decided that the decision should be made by flipping a coin? Well, with the iFlip the Coin app, you...

    Hersteller: AAApplications

    Größe: 0.05 MB

    Version: 0.94

  • Celebrity Birthdays

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    Celebrity Birthdays

    Happy Birthday! This application keeps you up on which of your favorite celebs are celebrating a birthday today. Each day, you will see a picture, list of celebrities...

    Hersteller: E.E. Flobes

    Größe: 1.49 MB

    Version: 1.0.5

  • Comedy Quotes

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    Comedy Quotes

    Say what?! Comedy Quotes gives you and your friends a daily dose of humorous and witty quotes by everyone from contemporary comics to historical figures. Each day you will...

    Hersteller: E.E. Flobes

    Größe: 1.17 MB

    Version: 1.0.5

  • Score Board

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    Score Board

    Game on! Use this simple scoreboard application to keep track of the score in all kinds of games so that you don't have to. Scores are separated into red and blue teams with a...

    Hersteller: E.E. Flobes

    Größe: 0.06 MB

    Version: 1.0.0

  • iPickupLines

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    This is the original "iPickupLines" Shake your iPhone and get a new pickup line. It's a great way to start a conversation with a girl! Don't forget your iPhone the next time...

    Hersteller: ObjectGraph LLC

    Größe: 1.26 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • Beer

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    This bubblewrap-style toy provides an endless supply of ice cold beer from a cooler that never runs out. Amaze and disgust your spouse, friends, co-workers and unsuspecting...

    Hersteller: Chudigi Software

    Größe: 3.76 MB

    Version: 2.01

    0,79 €

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    This is a Guitar-like application consisting of six fret buttons for you to play the guitar with. If you ever wanted to play the guitar on your phone, now is your chance. This...

    Hersteller: AAApplications

    Größe: 0.98 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • ILeanAndFart

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    The ILeanAndFart application is the Geek's version of the Woopie Cushion by generating the obnoxious sound of someone passing gas. The application has 5 different gas sounds...

    Hersteller: MTAP Development Group

    Größe: 0.27 MB

    Version: 1.0.2

  • Menzel's Word Search

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    Menzel's Word Search

    Find words and select them! Menzel's Word Search is a lot of fun and a great way to pass time with your iPhone or iPod touch. You can find words by category or change to...

    Hersteller: Joe Crump

    Größe: 1.06 MB

    Version: 1.1

  • Cool O'Meter

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    Cool O'Meter

    Tired of not being cool? What if I were to tell you that I had a solution? What would you pay for it? $199? $299? $599? Would you like to know more? You've heard about those...

    Hersteller: Pattern Making CO., LLC

    Größe: 0.79 MB

    Version: 1.0