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Die Kategorie "Referenz" hält vor allem Nachschlagewerke aller Art bereit. Egal ob man nach DIN-Normen forscht, auflösen will welche Stadt sich hinter Nummernschildern und Kennzeichen verbirgt, es gibt Rat in Form von Apps. Bibelstellen nachschlagen, Flora und Fauna oder den Bußgeldkatalog durchblättern - mit den Referenz-Apps geht das. Wer Weisheiten und Zitate sucht oder den richtigen Namen fürs Baby, dem wird genauso geholfen wie all jenen, die nach Zeichen- und Symbolerklärungen suchen oder die Wikipedia unterwegs abrufen möchten. Und wenn alle Stricke reißen hält man sich an Omas Ratschläge.

  • iTranslator

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    iTranslator is a simple and handy application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that lets you translate any text using either Google Translate, Babel Fish, or Free Translation....

    Hersteller: Derek Ting

    Größe: 0.25 MB

    Version: 1.1

  • Family: A Proclamation to the World

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    Family: A Proclamation to the World

    A simple application that shows the Family Proclamation. A great companion for the Bible, Book of Mormon or any other scriptures. Great for any religious use. If you like what...

    Hersteller: LayneSoft

    Größe: 1.05 MB

    Version: 1.0.2

  • iProv

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    iProv is a portable encyclopaedia of over 250 improvisation games and handles, based on The Living Playbook by Unexpected Productions. Games are organized alphabetically and...

    Hersteller: Dan Posluns

    Größe: 0.27 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • BinaryConverter

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    A simple Binary converter. 1. This program is converting binary data to decimal value or Hex value. 2. This program is only binary data to convert.

    Hersteller: YOL Inc.

    Größe: 0.04 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • MDXspREF

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    MDXspREF is a simple tool for looking up established reference conductance numbers for many battery types commonly used in stationary DC power applications. Values presented...

    Hersteller: Midtronics, Inc.

    Größe: 0.27 MB

    Version: 1.1

  • Trivopaedia

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    „Trivopaedia for iPhone“ is the iPhone adaption of Steve Litchfield’s famous collection of trivia facts, „Trivopaedia“. There are app. 240 entries with trivia facts...

    Hersteller: WopsSoft

    Größe: 0.23 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • US National Debt

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    US National Debt

    Have you ever wonder what amount of money the richest government on this planet owns to its citizens the rest of the world? With US National Debt on your device you will know...

    Hersteller: Readdle

    Größe: 0.19 MB

    Version: 1.1

  • Birdpost

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    Birdpost is a tool that connects people with nature in ways never before possible. With Birdpost you now have the ability to report your bird sightings onto satellite maps while...

    Hersteller: Foglight Group, LLC

    Größe: 0.14 MB

    Version: 1.0.1

  • Restaurants

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    Finden Sie die besten Restaurants in Ihrer Nähe, bewertet von den Nutzern der Community. ist eines der größten deutschen...

    Hersteller: kabukiman ltd. Niederlassung Deutschland

    Größe: 0.06 MB

    Version: 1

  • Escapees Parks List

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    Escapees Parks List

    This app contains all the information about the 19 RV parks in the Escapees RV Club system. The information for each park is broken down into five categories similar to the way...

    Hersteller: RV Expedition Software

    Größe: 0.09 MB

    Version: 1.0.1

  • Qwikipedia

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    Qwikipedia is an application allowing you to search Wikipedia at the tap of a finger. The Wikipedia content has been formatted to compliment the iPhone / iPod Touch's screen....

    Hersteller: SMG

    Größe: 0.37 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • UK Numbers

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    UK Numbers

    UK Numbers provides a quick and handy way of looking up the geographical location and usage of UK telephone numbers. The database includes both geographical and...

    Hersteller: IPX

    Größe: 1.71 MB

    Version: 0.2.0

  • Offline Elezioni

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    Offline Elezioni

    Beschreibung All the results of the Italian General Elections (it: Elezioni politiche), from 1946 to 2008. All the results available...

    Hersteller: Alessandro Meroni

    Größe: 8.0 MB

    Version: 1.3

  • Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary

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    Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary

    Beschreibung The Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary defines the vocabulary students need to succeed in high school and beyond. Its...

    Hersteller: Mobile Systems

    Größe: 12.7 MB

    Version: 3.05

  • Cambridge Dictionary of American English

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    Cambridge Dictionary of American English

    Beschreibung The best American English learner's dictionary is better than ever, with new words and new features. Based on the world's...

    Hersteller: Mobile Systems

    Größe: 12.1 MB

    Version: 3.05