Medizinische Wörterbücher können manchmal ganz nützlich werden, und mit manch kostenlosem Tool kann man sich selbst auf Farbenblindheit überprüfen oder nach Heilkräutern Ausschau halten. Wer lieber die menschliche Anatomie studiert ist mit 3D-Modellen und interaktiven Lexika beraten. Wer auf alternative Medizin zurückgreifen möchte, dem stehen Ratgeber für Homöopathie und Akupunktur zur Verfügung. Und wenn's mal einen Notfall gibt, geben Helferlein Auskunft darüber, wo man die nächste Apotheke oder den Notdienst findet, sogar für die geliebten Vierbeiner.

  • Rx Assistant Lite

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    Rx Assistant Lite

    Rx Assistant™ Lite This inexpensive, handy, but critically important iPhone application will track all of the prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins that...

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  • Swine Flu - H1N1 Cases By State

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    Swine Flu - H1N1 Cases By State

    Follow along with all the case by state occurrences of the H1N1 flu. -- Daily updates of all the cases per state of the H1N1 / Swine Flu outbreak across the country. As the...


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  • iColorBlind

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    Can you really see all the colors of the rainbow? Test yourself and friends! Color blindness affects a significant number of people. The overwhelming majority are men....

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  • Eye Test for Kids

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    Eye Test for Kids

    Do you know if your kids have any vision abnormality? Do you know that it's necessary for kids to take routine eye exams? Medical evidence shows that early-stage treatment...

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  • DAT Dental Exam

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    DAT Dental Exam

    DAT Dental Exam is a practice exam to help dental professionals to prepare for the DAT (Dental Admission Test) by the American Dental Association. Will Test you on Biology...

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  • inAfterHours

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    inAfterHours is a quick utility application for medical professionals to note calls and actions taken while on call or after hours. The email function can then be used to send...

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  • Medical News

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    Medical News

    Medical News The Medical News Reader is an easy to use news reader pre-loaded with medical blogs. Discover why reading blogs is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to...

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  • Warfarin

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    This simple and easy to use application is designed to help Health Care Professionals calculate the proper Warfarin dosage to prescribe to a patient. It can calculate both the...

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  • Biovista Nutrition

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    Biovista Nutrition

    Based on scientific publications, Biovista Nutrition shows you which nutritional supplements and vitamins are likely to be relevant and which may be problematic. Imagine you...

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  • Sex_Medical

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    50% sale one day now!!!!!!! it is curious about sex? About sexuality is a problem? Do you want to looking for sexual fun? This App will solve everything once and for all!!

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  • Count2Sleep

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    Have trouble in sleep? Need to count before sleep? Try this Count2Sleep. At the beginning Count2Sleep was designed to teach children how to count. Well, it turns out to be...

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  • Eye Test


    Eye Test

    **** We'd like to distribute your Eye Test as a promotional material to our ophthalmologists. - By a product manager in an ophthalmology product company **** I would like...

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  • Amplify'd

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    Beschreibung 12/29: #1 TOP PAID MEDICAL APP!! - FEATURED IN "WHAT'S HOT" OVERALL APPS 12/29!! Amplify'd - Turn up life! Amplify'd...

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  • QLecture SingleHerbs Lite

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    QLecture SingleHerbs Lite

    Beschreibung HB Kim has been teaching CA license Board preparation class for several years in Southern CA area. This lecture helps you to...

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  • Goldman

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    Beschreibung This simulation calculates an estimated membrane potential that reflects the relative contributions of the chemical...

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