Medizinische Wörterbücher können manchmal ganz nützlich werden, und mit manch kostenlosem Tool kann man sich selbst auf Farbenblindheit überprüfen oder nach Heilkräutern Ausschau halten. Wer lieber die menschliche Anatomie studiert ist mit 3D-Modellen und interaktiven Lexika beraten. Wer auf alternative Medizin zurückgreifen möchte, dem stehen Ratgeber für Homöopathie und Akupunktur zur Verfügung. Und wenn's mal einen Notfall gibt, geben Helferlein Auskunft darüber, wo man die nächste Apotheke oder den Notdienst findet, sogar für die geliebten Vierbeiner.

  • HCC Helper

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    HCC Helper

    There are 5500 plus ICD9 codes that are HCC relevant, it's impossible to remember them all, that's why we developed the HCC helper. It gives you a helping hand when trying to...

    Hersteller: Storan Technologies Inc.

    Größe: 0.25 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • RGBTouch

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    RGBTouch is a simple application to browse the image and to switch on/off of RGB each channel quickly.

    Hersteller: R. Natori

    Größe: 0.07 MB

    Version: 1.01

  • LifeGuards Lite

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    LifeGuards Lite

    Finally an App just for Lifeguards! Everything lifeguards need from CPR to Strokes! Signs and Symptoms, First Aid, and Rescue Breathing; LifeGuards has it all! All of...

    Hersteller: Bryan Anderson

    Größe: 3.94 MB

    Version: 1.1

  • PointClickCare Weights and Vitals

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    PointClickCare Weights and Vitals

    PointClickCare Weights and Vitals enables care providers to easily document and monitor residents' blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, height, temperature, pulse, O2, and...

    Hersteller: PointClickCare

    Größe: 0.56 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • EMSPro Guides

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    EMSPro Guides

    EMS Custom Regional Field Guides. Includes guidelines used iny our region as well as general operating guides, WMD, popular RX list, Quick STEMI, RMA and drug calculation charts.

    Hersteller: The EMS Professional

    Größe: 0.34 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • NextBio

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    NextBio is the life sciences search engine relied upon by leading researchers and clinicians worldwide. The NextBio iPhone application allows you to instantly search every...

    Hersteller: NextBio

    Größe: 0.15 MB

    Version: 1.1

  • Orasphere

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    Orasphere is a dental patient education application created by Orasphere Inc. For Dentists: Using Orasphere dental educational videos saves you time, reduces liability and...

    Hersteller: Curve Technologies Inc

    Größe: 14.34 MB

    Version: 1.0.0

  • Bioavailable Testosterone calculator

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    Bioavailable Testosterone calculator

    The Bioavailable Testosterone calculator calculates bioavailable and free testosterone from total testosterone, sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and albumin. It is intended...

    Hersteller: Niedertronics

    Größe: 0.03 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • Found in Haiti

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    Found in Haiti

    Consider using "Reunite" iPhone app, instead of "Found in Haiti". "Reunite" is an enhanced version of this app. ----------- The iPhone app, “Found in Haiti”, is designed to...

    Hersteller: National Library of Medicine

    Größe: 0.44 MB

    Version: 0.3.5

  • PSA Net

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    PSA Net

    PSA Net is a neural network that predicts whether a man will have prostate cancer on biopsy from the patient's age, total PSA, complexed PSA, results of the International...

    Hersteller: Niedertronics

    Größe: 0.04 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • L-List Search

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    L-List Search

    The MEDITECH-L list is an internet mailing list for the MEDITECH user and vendor community. Iatric Systems, Inc. hosts a free archive of this mailing list. Previously, the only...

    Hersteller: Iatric Systems, Inc

    Größe: 0.05 MB

    Version: 1.02

  • 九州・沖縄病院情報2009

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    【This application is Japanese only】 Japan Hospital Information 2009/ kyusyu okinawa area(first edition 1964) Japan Medical Press Inc. (since 1890)...

    Hersteller: Smallnetwork.Inc

    Größe: 0 MB

    Version: 1.1

  • iChart EMR

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    iChart EMR

    Beschreibung A complete mobile Electronic Medical Record system to track and manage patients with a simple ‘touch & tap’ interface....

    Hersteller: Caretools Inc

    Größe: 10.5 MB

    Version: 1.39.23

    99.99 €

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    NOTICE: eNATAL LT can ONLY be used by those who subscribe to eNATAL services and is of NO value to the general public. For almost ten years, at dozens of hospitals and for...

    Hersteller: eNATAL LLC

    Größe: 0.5 MB

    Version: 1.1

    94.99 €
  • Qpalm Acupuncture

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    Qpalm Acupuncture

    Beschreibung Qpalm is a quick, yet comprehensive reference guide of Acupoints for students as well as practitioners. Qpalm acupuncture 1.5...

    Hersteller: Qpuncture, Inc.

    Größe: 27.6 MB

    Version: 1.5.4