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London Travel Deluxe Berichte:

  • maudlinaire
    am 31.07.2009

    Probably the best of all the London tube/bus apps out there!At first glance, London Travel Deluxe may seem quite useless, because you can get all the information about times and routes on the (Transport for London) TfL website. However, (and here is the knack) it's awfully fiddly to enter route details and other stuff on the TfL site, and going back to search results is virtually impossible. This little app acts as a kind of frontend to the TfL website, which makes looking up routes and times sooo much faster. I've used it on a couple of nights, when I needed to find my way home with nightbuses, which isn't always the easiest thing in London. London Travel Deluxe was great for finding the best routes from Hackney to Twickenham at 3 in the morning. Brilliant!There are still a few things I have to nag about (hence only 4.4 stars):- there are no information on delayed routes and customer incidents (although the app is aware of planned engineering work)- there are no earler/later button which could be useful- sometime the to/from field remains blank (this is just cosmetic, it still finds all the routes)- although it provides an almost complete set of bus routes and bus stops, I miss the same idea for tube routes. I know there are other apps out there, but why should i have to quite an already excellent app.

London Travel Deluxe Bewertung:

Aktuelle Version:
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5 Stimmen 4 Durchschnitt
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3 1
Über alle Versionen:
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33 Stimmen 3.5 Durchschnitt
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4 3
9 2
12 1

London Travel Deluxe Informationen:


London Travel Deluxe ist ab 4+ Jahren geeignet.

London Travel Deluxe enthält kein anstößiges Material.



Kompatibel mit iPhone und iPod touch Erfordert iPhone OS 2.2.1 oder neuer



Erscheinungsdatum Versionsnummer
13.07.2009 1.2.1
04.11.2009 2.0
18.11.2009 2.0.1
10.12.2009 2.0.2
31.12.2009 2.1
10.06.2010 3.0
22.06.2010 3.0
11.07.2010 3.0.2
26.12.2010 3.1.1
Änderungsdatum Preis
13.07.2009 0,79 €
22.06.2010 0.79 €

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