Rezepte für die chinesische oder italienische Küche, auch wenn's mal schnell gehen soll - sogar von Jamie Oliver oder aus Fernsehsendungen wie Lanz kocht? Ein Blick in den App Store und es eröffnet sich ein Reigen an kreativen Helferlein für unterwegs und natürlich auch zu Hause. Bei eBay mitbieten? Bei Preise vergleichen? Es gibt ein App dafür. Mit dem Babyphone wird der Nachwuchs überwacht und mit SMS Sprüchen oder Liebesgedichten die Freundin oder die Familie bedacht. Der Toiletten Finder kann in Großstädten nützlich sein und auf sein geliebtes Horoskop muss man unterwegs nicht verzichten, denn die Lifestyle-Programme bieten all das und noch viel mehr.

  • OUT Radio – Gay Internet Radio - LITE

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    OUT Radio – Gay Internet Radio - LITE

    (This is the LITE version. Use this version to determine if streaming works to your satisfaction before purchasing the FULL version.) LGBT lifestyle-oriented shows streaming...

    Hersteller: Audibilities, LLC

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    Version: 3.0

  • iLifestylePro Lite

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    iLifestylePro Lite

    iLifestylePro is a utility application that brings many of the functions of the kitchen into the palm of your hand. Our program will allow you to access kitchen conversions,...

    Hersteller: Thunder Road Software Incorporated

    Größe: 1.81 MB

    Version: 1.0.0

  • Dog Parks Orange County

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    Dog Parks Orange County

    WHAT DO YOU WANT? ACCURATE INFORMATION vs. USER-PROVIDED CONTENT Have you ever relied on a site's user-provided content, and then found it incomplete, contradictory, or just...

    Hersteller: Apptika, Inc.

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    Version: 1.2

  • Dog Parks Los Angeles

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    Dog Parks Los Angeles

    WHAT DO YOU WANT? ACCURATE INFORMATION vs. USER-PROVIDED CONTENT Have you ever relied on a site's user-provided content, and then found it incomplete, contradictory, or just...

    Hersteller: Apptika, Inc.

    Größe: 1.63 MB

    Version: 1.2

  • FickleOracleLITE

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    FickleOracle - Cyber Shinto Shrine, now popular-in-Japan gives you unique oracles in Lite version. Receive the oracles of the kami - gods - who inhabit jinja. Jinja are shrines...

    Hersteller: nenet

    Größe: 6.29 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • Sex Positions Game - Free!

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    Sex Positions Game - Free!

    ★ HOTTEST LOVE GAME ... TOTALLY FREE ★ Whether you are looking to get lucky with someone new, or a way to spice up an existing relationship, Sex Positions Game - Free! will...

    Hersteller: MountainDev

    Größe: 2.21 MB

    Version: 4.0

  • iRidium

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    iRidium mobile transforms iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into the control panel of your home, office. AMX, KNX, ModBus (TCP, RTU, ASCII) and any AV equipment’s support. The...

    Hersteller: Sole proprietor

    Größe: 1.14 MB

    Version: 1.4

  • Beer & Wine Log

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    Beer & Wine Log

    Ever wished you could remember all the different beers and wines you've tried? 'Beer & Wine Log' is an easy-to-use app that helps you catalog all your drinks and where...

    Hersteller: Silver Mana Software

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    Version: 1.1

  • OnStar Experience

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    OnStar Experience

    OnStar Mobile Experience – Experience unparalleled connection to your Chevrolet VOLT vehicle data and perform commands remotely by having OnStar technology in the palm of your...

    Hersteller: Portable Hole Productions

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    Version: 1.1

  • Design Miami/

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    Design Miami/

    The application "Design Miami/" is the interactive GPS guide through the most important international design event, "Design Miami/", which will take place from the 1st to the...

    Hersteller: Iconmobile

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    Version: 1.0

  • Playit4Ward

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    Playit4Ward is a MSN technology showcase for new electronic gadgets for the holiday season. Use this application to keep on top of the bleeding edge of technology, as well as...

    Hersteller: The Zumobi Network

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    Version: 1.0


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    Entra anche tu nel mondo di Mamaquevo Hello Spank e Cristina Del Basso (Grande Fratello). Ironia - Casual - Luxory - Wear Toy sono le parole chiave che ci fanno approdare nel...

    Hersteller: Winapply

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    Version: 1.2

  • ShopMola

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    ShopMola 2.0 NOW AVAILABLE! Big thanks to all early adopters for the downloads and feedback. About Us: ShopMola helps you quickly find all sorts of things on sale from...

    Hersteller: ShopMola, LLC

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    Version: 2.0

  • Fireflies Lite

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    Fireflies Lite

    Need to relax? There's an app for that! Follow us on Twitter! --- Relax and enjoy the fireflies. It's a warm summer night. The sun is setting....

    Hersteller: mocoDojo

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    Version: 2.0

  • Tweservation

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    Our application enables users to make real-time restaurant reservations using the Twitter platform – a tweservation. You can also sign up to receive text updates from...

    Hersteller: Hilton Software LLC

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    Version: 1.0