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    Beschreibung About "iKanji Drill" This is the application for typing that the reading of a kanji. Even if the words that you do not...

    Hersteller: 5degrees Inc.

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    Version: 3.01

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iKanji Drill Berichte:

  • 96bogart
    am 05.05.2010

    From the viewpoint of a student of Japanese: iKanji Drill is a great alternative to flashcards!! It is 100% in Japanese, no other language there to distract from the target language. Easy to use: select desired level on the main screen, and directly get shown a compound out of the kanji set of that level (or just select "all levels", but in my case, I have to start from the bottom). Type in the reading. If unsure, guess, or use the hint button. Get a nice red stamp if correct, otherwise a cross, and on to the next item. Want to know more? Flip the card around and get a dictionary explanation (yes! in 100% Japanese). Want to save this item for extra drill later on? Just tap on the button. And on with the quiz. Statistics are saved but can be deleted any time, timer settings can be changed, or timer turned off altogether. What I love about iKanji Drill is its simplicity and user friendliness: want to practice kanji readings and vocab, so that's what I get, the dictionary entries adding interest and taking me further. This way I don't feel like I'm doing any "drill" at all, as I would if I were using the usual flascards which include a translation. The advantage of a 100% Japanese app is obvious: brain doesn't have to worry about 2 languages at the same time. Don't know how large the database of words is as I just bought iKanji Drill a short while ago. So was hesitating between 4 and 5 stars. But so far it has been fun to use and good learning, I felt 5 stars is ok. - ok, it says there are 2,000 questions... fine with me. Good value for money.

iKanji Drill Informationen:


iKanji Drill ist ab 4+ Jahren geeignet.

iKanji Drill enthält kein anstößiges Material.



Kompatibel mit iPhone und iPod touch Erfordert iPhone OS 2.2.1 oder neuer



Erscheinungsdatum Versionsnummer
13.07.2009 Ver.1.0
04.08.2009 2.00
11.08.2009 2.01
14.12.2009 3.00
22.06.2010 3.00
26.12.2010 3.01
Änderungsdatum Preis
13.07.2009 0,79 €
22.06.2010 0.79 €

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