• Monthlies ™

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    Monthlies ™

    "Nice and simple app for every woman" ***Write your ideas for themes and features!*** ***If you want see Monthlies on your native language - write to...

    Hersteller: Pavel Trafimuk

    Größe: 0.9 MB

    Version: 2.2

  • iStudent™

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    The best app for the student schedule (timetable) - iStudent™. ***Now on the 3.0 firmware!*** And it's only ONE(!) that supports temporary lessons in the calendar. Now you...

    Hersteller: Pavel Trafimuk

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    Version: 1.99

  • Secret Diary

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    Secret Diary

    Beschreibung Every day has a secret! SECRET DIARY is a great app for you to store your secret diary entries or notes in a safe,...

    Hersteller: Pavel Trafimuk

    Größe: 20.8 MB

    Version: 2.95