• Ditzzle

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    Beschreibung "SIMPLICITY AT ITS BEST!" -touchreviews.net ***** Updated to version 1.2! New puzzles added! ***** Do you enjoy a challenge?...

    Hersteller: Mike Wincek

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    Version: 1.2

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  • Splat-a-Grams

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    ***** Just Updated! Added new puzzles! ***** Splat-a-Grams delivers over one hundred pictogram word puzzles for you to solve. These puzzles, also known as Rebus puzzles, are...

    Hersteller: Mike Wincek

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    Version: 1.1

  • A Wishing Well

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    A Wishing Well

    Want to wish for a new job, a new significant other, more money, or even world peace? Then you need your own Wishing Well! Make your wish, then toss a coin into your Wishing...

    Hersteller: Mike Wincek

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    Version: 1.00