• DAKeno Plus

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    DAKeno Plus

    Beschreibung Happy New Year from Dakazu Designs... We have slashed the prices of Dakeno & Dakeno Plus... Get it Now!!! Another great...

    Hersteller: Dakazu Designs

    Größe: 2.1 MB

    Version: 2.0.0

  • DAKeno

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    Beschreibung The same Classic Keno Gameplay and now with 3 additional new game modes. Play your classic keno or try one of the 3 additional...

    Hersteller: Dakazu Designs

    Größe: 2.6 MB

    Version: 3.0.0

    1.59 €
  • Dakazu Gamers Zone

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    Dakazu Gamers Zone

    Thank you all for your interest in Dakazu Gamers Zone. Please note that we are working hard to create a wonderful experience with our games and providing an easy way to...

    Hersteller: Dakazu Designs

    Größe: 0.1 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • Dakazu Poker HD - Video Poker

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    Dakazu Poker HD - Video Poker

    Beschreibung ★★★ Version 2.2.2 update coming soon. Minor graphical updates. Interface design changes. Slide to select cards. iPad...

    Hersteller: Dakazu Designs

    Größe: 7.7 MB

    Version: 2.2.1

  • DAKeno HD

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    DAKeno HD

    Beschreibung *** UPDATE COMING SOON: Get ready for 2 brand new game modes and more... *** DAKeno HD is the 1st Keno game made specifically...

    Hersteller: Dakazu Designs

    Größe: 3.4 MB

    Version: 1.2.0

    2.99 €
  • HIorLO (Higher or Lower)

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    HIorLO (Higher or Lower)

    Beschreibung ***There is an error with posting high scores to our server with this version. This will be fixed when we release the next...

    Hersteller: Dakazu Designs

    Größe: 2.4 MB

    Version: 1.2.1