• DogYears

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    Beschreibung You've probably heard the myth that finding out your dog's age is a simple as multiplying by seven. I'm sorry to say that...

    Hersteller: Charles Treece

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    Version: 2.1

  • iPointz

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    Are you tired of trying to figure out how much points are worth in money amounts or how much money amount points are worth? Well, now you don't have to worry. iPointz is a...

    Hersteller: Charles Treece

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    Version: 1.1

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  • BankTeller

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    Have your own bank teller in your hands with this easy to use app. BankTeller is a coin and bill counter. Do you have a lot of change laying around and really don't want to...

    Hersteller: Charles Treece

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    Version: 1.0

  • dTECT

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    Beschreibung Ever have a hard time taking a self portrait or group photo? Wish you could share those photos and more on your favorite social...

    Hersteller: Charles Treece

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    Version: 1.2

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