• HiRollers

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    Beschreibung HiRollers is a fast action solitaire dice game for your iPhone! By rolling dice you attempt to remove numbers from the game...

    Hersteller: Casdra Software

    Größe: 1.2 MB

    Version: 2.0

    0.79 €
  • Crazy Quilt

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    Crazy Quilt

    Beschreibung Solitaire - With a Twist Crazy Quilt is a unique solitaire challenge. Complete all eight of the foundation piles in this two...

    Hersteller: Casdra Software

    Größe: 13.8 MB

    Version: 1.1

  • Cribbage Partner

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    Cribbage Partner

    Beschreibung In this game it's you against the iPhone in head-to-head cribbage action. Based on the genetically evolved Cribbage AI of the...

    Hersteller: Casdra Software

    Größe: 0.5 MB

    Version: 1.0.2