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    Beschreibung FREE version of 3ii3. if you like it, please C H E C K full version:: full version of 3ii3 is added... 01. real time S A V E...

    Hersteller: etie co.,ltd.

    Größe: 1.6 MB

    Version: 2.02

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  • Koeniebear
    am 13.01.2010

    App running on iPhone 32 3GS OS 3.1.2 The idea: great, yet not very original. There IS better prgms 2 be found on here that do the same and better. The Design : VERY NICE!!! also the idea with horizontale sliders is super (well if they wld work that is) Userfriendly : Ok not overwelming, again there is better to be found. And finally a test app is GREAT! if it works!! Try and alter the Resonance filter frequence and Resonance Q point...the soundengine either quits entirely or you get a CLICKING sound wich you cant stop anymore..? So gentlemen BACK TO THE DRAWINGBOARD i d say... seriously if you wanna convince peoples to SPEND MONEY on 3ii3FREE(wich is why one launches a free version) you should at least make sure that the FREE VERSION WORKS!? right? Good luck, like i said nice idea all in all.

3ii3FREE Informationen:


3ii3FREE ist ab 4+ Jahren geeignet.

3ii3FREE enthält kein anstößiges Material.



Kompatibel mit iPhone und iPod touch (2. Generation). Erfordert iPhone OS 3.0 oder neuer.



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