• Polka Health

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    Polka Health

    Beschreibung Journal your daily life in a simple and easy way, in Polka's simple log tool designed for the iPhone. With Polka Health, you...

    Hersteller: Polka

    Größe: 1.5 MB

    Version: 1.2

  • Close Call

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    Close Call

    Beschreibung Close Call is a simple way to make your phone more secure and useful. The application that allows you to put in your phone...

    Hersteller: Polka

    Größe: 0.8 MB

    Version: 1.1.3

  • If Found, +

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    If Found, +

    Beschreibung Think you might leave your iPhone somewhere? If Found+ provides a valuable service of having a message placed on your own...

    Hersteller: Polka

    Größe: 1.1 MB

    Version: 1.3.1

  • My Emergency Info

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    My Emergency Info

    Beschreibung My Emergency Information focuses on making your important health profile details accessible when you need it, moments of an...

    Hersteller: Polka

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    Version: 1.1