Action-Spiele wie Gangstar: West Coast Hustle immitieren den großen Bruder Grand Theft Auto und machen das sehr gut. Aber vor allem das Genre der Ego- und Taktikshooter in Form von ngmocos Eliminate Pro oder Modern Combat werden im App Store qualitativ hochwertig vertreten. Wer lieber auf das Moorhuhn schießt, oder sich in WORMS bekriegt, wird genauso fündig wie andere, die vielleicht nach den Helden aus Assassin's Creed suchen oder im Action-Rollenspiel Dungeon Hunter die umfangreiche Fantasy-Welt erobern.

  • SlayerStats



    SlayerStats lets you check Halo 3 stats from your iPhone! It parses Bungie.net's statistics page and outputs an easy to view collage. Features: - View last date played, total...

    Hersteller: Michael Vennix

    Größe: 0.04 MB

    Version: 1.1

  • Ping Pong Extreme!


    Ping Pong Extreme!

    Pong is a game that has been played by man for millions of years. And just when you thought to yourself, "I've finally mastered it!", I would like to introduce you to Ping Pong...

    Hersteller: LukeFlash

    Größe: 0.17 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • iTiltPinball

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    Beschreibung This game is one of the very first 200+ games that were available in App Store's grand opening in 2008. Still at version 1.0!...

    Hersteller: Random5 LLC

    Größe: 0.7 MB

    Version: 1.0

  • Moskito

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    Beschreibung A Sound-based Game for iPhone & iPod touch. Listen cafefully for a buzzing mosquito! Flap your iPhone/iPod touch to...

    Hersteller: Nao Tokui

    Größe: 2.7 MB

    Version: 1.1.1

    0.79 €
  • Comet Cowboy

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    Comet Cowboy

    Beschreibung ** On Sale, only 99 cents for a limited time! ** Comet Cowboy was one of the original drawing-based games for iPhone, if you...

    Hersteller: Maverick Software LLC

    Größe: 0.7 MB

    Version: 1.2.1

  • South Park Imaginationland

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    South Park Imaginationland

    Beschreibung HEISSE SPIELE. COOLE PREISE. WINTERSCHLUSSVERKAUF. Bis zu 60% Ermäßigung auf alle RealArcade-Spiele. In diesem neuen...

    Hersteller: GameHouse

    Größe: 3.0 MB

    Version: 1.2.1

  • World 9

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    World 9

    An application making you feel like a hero in a TV game. The usage is quite simple. Press START and put your iPhone/iPod touch in your pocket. Then, jump and run! With a sound...

    Hersteller: Nao Tokui

    Größe: 0 MB

    Version: 0.84

    0.79 €
  • CubeRise 3D

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    CubeRise 3D

    Beschreibung CubeRise is a highly addictive 3D game. A group of three cubes falls from the top of a tower. Using the touchscreen you can...

    Hersteller: Anton Butsev

    Größe: 1.3 MB

    Version: 1.2.3

  • Tilt Me

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    Tilt Me

    Beschreibung NEW Low price! Tilt Me! Remember when games were simple and fun? If you only have a few minutes to spare and want a quick...

    Hersteller: oeFun, Inc.

    Größe: 0.3 MB

    Version: 1.2

    0.79 €
  • Space Out

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    Space Out

    Beschreibung Space Out is a tribute to old school arcade games; it truly delivers that early arcade feel. It combines 2 classic game...

    Hersteller: Binary Square, Inc.

    Größe: 4.1 MB

    Version: 1.4

    0.79 €
  • StarSmasher

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    Beschreibung Become the captain of the stars in this 3D arcade style space shooter. Dodge asteroids, watch out for proximity mines, and...

    Hersteller: espressoSoft

    Größe: 7.4 MB

    Version: 1.1.0

  • Squirgle!

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    Beschreibung Octopi ahoy! This is the full deluxe version of our popular game Squirgle! Squirgle! contains TWO unique and different games...

    Hersteller: Powerhouse Games

    Größe: 15.6 MB

    Version: 1.3

    0.79 €
  • Radius

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    Beschreibung Looking to play a truly new game on the iPhone? The first title from the minds at pattern making co, Radius transcends novel...

    Hersteller: Pattern Making CO., LLC

    Größe: 7.7 MB

    Version: 1.1

    0.79 €
  • Beach Volleyball

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    Beach Volleyball

    Beschreibung Set in beautiful beach surroundings with crashing waves and palm trees Beach Volleyball is the first volleyball game for...

    Hersteller: Chillingo Ltd

    Größe: 0.5 MB

    Version: 1.03

  • Tank Ace 1944

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    Tank Ace 1944

    Beschreibung 3D World War II Shooter Do you like to drive tanks over rugged terrain, lob artillery shells into the far hills, and blow up...

    Hersteller: Chillingo Ltd

    Größe: 0.9 MB

    Version: 1.03